Privacy Policy

1. GOALS: STREET GUIDER guarantees confidentiality and security to your navigation supported by the high technology of data protection.

1.1. The Privacy Policy reflects how the collection, use, storage, processing and protection of data by STREET GUIDER are carried out in accordance with the General Data Protection Law.

2. USER DATA COLLECTION: Statistics of visited pages – In order to help you quickly find what you need within the pre-established rules in current legislation, STREET GUIDER stores statistics on the most visited pages and the time spent in each section, creating greater interactivity between you and our website. The service used is Google Analytics.

2.1. These statistics are kept strictly confidential and are used solely to provide the products and services that best suit users and customers.

3. COMPANY DATA COLLECTION: All information disclosed on STREET GUIDER is public and extracted from the internet, mainly from the Google Negócios platform. Soon we will make available the company update/registration or unsubscribe platform.

4. PUBLICITY: STREET GUIDER publishes third-party advertisements on the portal and the advertisements may use technologies such as cookies and/or web beacons when replicating content from STREET GUIDER itself, which will lead these advertisements to receive information such as IP address, ISP , the browser, etc. and other functions that are used for “geotargeting” (showing New York advertising only to New York City readers eg) or presenting advertising targeted to one type of User (restaurant advertising to a user who regularly visits food sites, for example.). We recommend consulting the privacy policies of these third parties on the websites for information regarding the use of cookies.